Let My Complete Ray's Arithmetic-Based Math Courses Do All the Teaching--So You Don't Have to!

Love Ray's Arithmetic?--but you're not sure how to use it to teach your child beginning math?...

Learning about numbers and how to do basic arithmetic shouldn't be a mysterious, daunting challenge -- or an academic ORDEAL -- for you or your child.

Well, once upon a time, mathematics was in fact a very dry and detached and seemingly irrelevant subject for most students. Math was taught as though it were a "foreign language"--like LATIN (or GREEK)!-- with its own obtuse vocabulary and system of terms and proofs and theorems

But, Dr. Joseph Ray, MD changed that. He came up with an "eclectic" approach to math that brought it into the homes and hearts and classrooms of millions of children and parents all over America.

He made it a down-to-earth, practical part of everyday life. It revolutionized the teaching of math. Generations of business and industry leaders, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs grew up learning arithmetic and mathematics from Ray's.

His proven approach still works today.

In fact, after more than 180 years of continuous use, Ray's Arithmetic remains the most widely-used, best-loved, longest-running textbook series in history!

Hundreds of homeschooling families have used my Ray's-based math courses through the Ron Paul Curriculum. Now it's your turn to benefit from this time-tested method of teaching and learning the fundamentals of arithmetic and mathematics.

I can help your child to gain solid math skills and even overcome "math anxiety" brought on by other methods.

Go ahead... Put my math courses to the test!

Each of the courses offers 180 lessons, and is designed to fit a standard 9-month (36-week) school year schedule.

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Here for your child's academic success,

Paul J. Ramirez
Math Instructor

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Courses Offered

Each course runs 36-weeks (180 lessons). This meets homeschooling requirements in most states. All courses come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Mathematics 4 Course is next! (Let me know if you are interested in purchasing Math 4 when it becomes available.)

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